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Continuing to strengthen the energy grid throughout Decatur and Macon County to improve service reliability for customers.

Enhanced Energy Grid

  • Expanded the footprint of a substation on County Highway 20, to re-route power from other sources during an outage event to decrease outage times.
  • Added a transformer to the Oreana substation just north of Decatur, that improves reliability and adds capacity for the Illiopolis, Argenta, Oreana and Monticello communities. That’s the energy equivalent of expanding a two-lane highway to four lanes.
  • Added additional advanced communication technology in several substations throughout Decatur.
  • Added smart switching devices to the electric system in Decatur. These automated and remotely controllable switching devices sense the condition of the electric system and determine appropriate switching actions to reduce the number of customers affected by an outage.

Enhanced Natural Gas Delivery System

  • Replaced a 10 inch steel natural gas transmission pipeline just south of the Sangamon River/Lake Decatur in Decatur, in order to strengthen the integrity and reliability of the natural gas system feeding the Decatur area.
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