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Metro East

More than 600,000 residents are proud to call the growing Metro East home. At Ameren Illinois, we’re just as proud to serve your community. That’s why we’re making infrastructure upgrades that will improve reliability and performance and enhance your quality of life.

The following are just a few local infrastructure projects that have been completed or are in progress throughout the Metro East to help improve reliability and ensure that our power is there when you need it:

Enhanced Reliability

  • Constructing more than three miles of new power lines between Dupo and Centerville substations to create an additional circuit tie. The new tie will provide alternate pathways to deliver power in the event of an outage.
  • Enhancing the Stallings electric substation for Granite City and Edwardsville by expanding the capacity of the unit by installing an additional transformer. This upgrade is like converting a two-lane highway into a four-lane highway to handle more customer demand.
  • Additional feeds will be added in Granite City and Edwardsville so power can be potentially re-routed or switched to one of these new circuits to shorten the duration of an outage.
  • Set 70 new poles and added two miles of power lines from multiple substations to the Katherine Dunham substation to strengthen the grid in East St. Louis, creating alternate pathways to re-route and deliver power if an outage occurs. (East St. Louis)

Advanced Technology

  • Installed outage detection technology to six different circuits in O’Fallon. These devices sense the condition of the electric system and determine appropriate switching actions to reduce the number of customers affected by an outage. (O’Fallon)
  • Added outage detection technology to two different circuits in Bethalto and one circuit in Rosewood Heights. This enhancement better integrates Bethalto and Rosewood Heights with the electric grid Ameren Illinois continues to modernize. (Bethalto)

Enhanced Natural Gas Delivery System

  • Replaced approximately 2,400 feet of distribution main with new coated steel pipe that will fully protect the pipeline from corrosion, while allowing for increased system capacity, safety and reliability to natural gas customers served in the Madison area. (Madison)
  • Replaced the Columbia natural gas delivery station and upgraded pressure protection equipment to assure natural gas system reliability. (Columbia)

Ameren Illinois is doing more than just enhancing technology in the Metro East. Learn how our employees are getting involved and making a difference in your community.

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