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Ameren Illinois is hard at work improving the reliability and performance of its electrical and natural gas delivery system throughout the tri-county area. We’re investing in infrastructure enhancements as part of our commitment to meeting your energy needs today and preparing for the future.

The following are just a few local infrastructure projects that have been completed or are in progress throughout the Peoria region to help improve reliability and ensure that our power is there when you need it:

Enhanced Reliability

  • Set 200 power poles and eight miles of power lines to support construction of a new bulk substation in Allentown that will create alternate pathways with other substations to re-route and deliver power if an outage occurs.
  • Adding a new circuit tie in Dunlap to create a new way to route power in case of an outage.
  • Adding animal control fencing to our Radnor Road substation in Peoria and our Sheridan substation in Pekin, along with spinner guards to make sure that wildlife will be unable to climb into the substation from above, to help to safely reduce outages caused by wildlife.
  • Upgraded an overhead distribution line, between Alta and Allen, to provide alternate pathways to deliver power in the event of an outage.

Advanced Technology

  • Continuing to add automated intelligent switches and smart sensors to substations. This technology assess the health and status of power lines and isolate problems, and quickly detect and restore outages.
  • Upgrading the Starr substation from 4 kilovolts to 13.2 kilovolts. This switch is like converting a two-lane highway into a four-lane highway and will help handle the increased demand for reliable energy and cut down outage time.
  • Installed a total of 12 IntelliRupters — automated switching devices — in northwest Peoria and Metamora that will reduce the number of customers affected by an outage and the length of outages.
  • Fitting substations throughout Peoria with new technology and relays to help reduce outage time for customers.

Enhanced Natural Gas Delivery System

We are in the process of replacing over eight miles of, 16-inch steel, high-pressure transmission pipeline from Tremont to East Peoria to strengthen the integrity and reliability of the natural gas system and enhance public safety. Transmission pipelines are larger pipelines that operate at a higher pressure in order to transport greater volumes of natural gas to and from compressor stations and storage facilities, as well as to distribution centers.

We will complete the project in phases:

  • In phase one, we replaced a 4.5-mile transmission pipeline from Tremont to Pekin. Originally installed in the 1930s, the pipeline will be upgraded with new, higher-strength 16-inch steel and will replace existing emergency valves with new, modern isolation valves.
  • During phases two and three, we will replace approximately four miles of vintage transmission pipeline from Pekin to East Peoria. The new pipeline will have greater load capacity and flexibility, which will allow us to fully utilize the delivery infrastructure, including gas storage fields in Glasford and Lincoln.

Ameren Illinois is doing more than just enhancing technology in the Peoria area. Learn how our employees are getting involved and making a difference in your community.

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