Reliability Enhancement Project

About the Project

To meet the needs of our customers while strengthening the safety, integrity and reliability of our region's natural gas system, in 2020, Ameren Illinois constructed an energy project to modernize natural gas delivery in the greater Pekin area. This natural gas infrastructure project, known as the Pekin Reliability Enhancement Project, is an upgrade to natural gas transmission pipelines that have been in service since the 1930s. The new pipeline utilized modern coated steel materials. Ameren Illinois identified a route, and designed and constructed the new gas line while minimizing the impact on the community and the environment.


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Have a question for our project team? Feel free to contact Yvonne Blount, Project Manager, using the following:

Phone: 217.424.6510
Email:   YBlount3@Ameren.com

Please note, the project hotline and email address previously associated with this project have been discontinued at the completion of construction activities.


Frequently Asked Questions

On October 10, 2018, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) approved the project and determined the project’s final route. The ICC regulatory review process took into account the routing study, which reflected public input.
Yes. We are committed to open and transparent communication throughout our projects. Our project team previously hosted public open houses in both August and September of 2017 at Avanti’s Dome in Pekin, IL. Attendees were able to view route option maps, speak with subject matter experts, and have their input recorded for review by the project team. The public was also able to participate in the ICC's review of the project and submit comments to the Commission for consideration.

A right-of-way easement gives Ameren Illinois the right to use another’s land for a specific, limited purpose. It does not grant ownership of the land to Ameren Illinois. Representatives of Ameren Illinois contacted landowners to negotiate the purchase of an easement so that the pipeline could be constructed on their land.

Ameren Illinois requested a permanent right-of-way easement that is 50 feet in width along the length of the new transmission and distribution pipelines. 100 and 200-foot-wide easements were requested at the pipeline’s origin and terminus points, and also at the regulator station location. Additional, temporary right-of-way was requested to facilitate construction. Please refer to the project map for additional information.

Ameren Illinois is applying the highest safety standards as it upgrades the natural gas delivery system throughout its 43,700 square-mile territory. The new facilities installed as part of this project not only allow access to additional sources of natural gas supply to the Pekin area, but replaced pipe that was nearly a century old.
The 6.5 miles of 16-inch diameter steel pipe were installed south of Pekin, running east and west.

The purpose of the Pekin Reliability Enhancement Project (PREP) was to modernize and strengthen the safety, integrity and reliability of Ameren Illinois’ natural gas system, and to enhance operational flexibility to meet our customer’s needs.

Prior to this project, Ameren Illinois delivered natural gas to the Pekin, Illinois area through a single segment of 1930s vintage 6-inch steel pipe. As part of Ameren Illinois' efforts to comply with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) regulations and modernize its natural gas system, Ameren Illinois did the following:

  • Installed approximately 6.5 miles of new 16-inch diameter steel pipe south of Pekin, running east and west.
  • Installed approximately 0.5 mile of 12-inch diameter steel pipe, running north and south, to connect the Pekin natural gas distribution system and associated gas facilities.

As a result of this project, natural gas service was enhanced and additional natural gas supply sources were made available.

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