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Improving Your Energy Service

System upgrades will reduce outages and keep up with your energy needs.

Today's customers have high expectations for the energy that powers their quality of life. That's why we are focused on building the next generation energy delivery system for central and southern Illinois.

We have embarked on a plan to improve the efficiency and reliability of the natural gas and electric energy delivery system throughout our 43,700 square-mile territory.  Over time, these upgrades will give customers information they can use to take control of their energy usage and reduce costs.


  • We are fortifying utility poles, installing automated switches and sensors and installing advanced meters and modules, which means we're more prepared than ever to detect, isolate and respond to outages faster.  Visit our Outage Center to learn how you can prepare for an outage or emergency.


  • We are strengthening the integrity, safety and reliability of the natural gas delivery system by replacing gas transmission systems and gas distribution facilities to improve service.


In fact, customers are beginning to experience the benefits of a long-term approach for upgrading the state's electric delivery infrastructure.


  • System reliability has improved 17% and customers have saved an estimated $47 million a year.


  • More than 1,200 employees and an additional 1,500 contract workers have been hired to support investments in Ameren Illinois' electric system and operations.


Upgrading the natural gas and electric delivery system is ongoing.  You can track our progress by checking out our project summary.

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