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EV Savings

Find out how much you can save when you drive an electric vehicle in Illinois.

Save by Driving Electric

Electric vehicles (EV) cost less to fuel and maintain. The average EV owner saves up to $1,300 a year on fuel and costs half as much to maintain over the life of the vehicle. Learn how much you can save by driving electric with these Ameren Illinois EV savings tools.
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Compare Charging Costs

The following table summarizes average charging times and costs per day based on various daily commute miles. Actual daily charging costs may differ based on customer classification, the time of year and rate structure differences between Ameren Illinois and Ameren Missouri.

  Charging Times   Daily
   Equivalent Gasoline Costs3
  Level 1
Level 2
 Level 3
    $2 per
$3 per
$4 per
20    4 hours  1 hours  10 minutes    $0.60    $1.43 $2.14 $2.86
40    8 hours  2 hours  20 minutes    $1.20   $2.86 $4.29 $5.71
751    15 hours  3.5 hours  30 minutes    $2.25   $5.36 $8.04 $10.71

     1 Data only applies to an electric vehicle that can provide this many "electric only" miles
     2 Based on an average blended residential rate of 11 cents per kilowatt-hour.
     3 Based on a conventional vehicle rated at 30 mpg.

Charge for Less with the ChargeSmart Program

Ameren Illinois offers a better way to fuel your EV when demand for electricity is lowest. Plug in during the preferred time and save on electric delivery fees while you charge.

Other Cost Considerations

All vehicles must be registered with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Since EV drivers no longer pay gasoline tax at the pump, the State requires a small annual fee of $100 that supports road maintenance.

Listed below are associated fees with securing an EV license plate as of December 2020:

Newly acquired vehicle/first-time issuance $401 ($150 title fee + $251 registration fee)
Currently titled vehicle/first-time issuance $251 ($251 registration fee)
Current plates expire within 90 days $280 ($251 registration fee + $29 replacement fee)
Current plates do not expire within 90 days $280 ($251 registration fee + $29 replacement fee)
Annual renewal $251
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